Project Description

Perceval Training Program:
Engaging World Class Professionals

In order to provide high quality training, we have implemented a structured proctor program with several steps beginning with an evaluation of the candidate proctor profile through a continuous engagement process. This program is comprised of both North American and International surgeons with extensive experience in the use of Perceval who serve as proctors in the training of new and existing Perceval users.

Optional Step

Step 1: Preceptorship – Trainee Surgeon visits a Trainer Surgeon/implanting center

  1. Presentation from Trainer Surgeon with clinical data, outcomes and implantation technique
  2. Case & echocardiography evaluation and discussion
  3. Case observation in OR

Mandatory Step

Step 2: Theoretical & Hands-on Training

  1. Product presentation, clinical data and outcomes discussion
  2. In-service on valve collapsing, preparation and implantation
  3. Dry lab or Wet lab

Mandatory Step

Step 3: Proctorship – Proctor visits trainee surgeon to provide guidance on his/her first implantation session
(NOTE: minimum 2 proctored cases)

  1. Trainee surgeon selects at least 2 patients before the proctorship is arranged
  2. Patient selection will be discussed with the Proctor before the proctorship occurs.
  3. Dry-lab and training on dedicated tools from LivaNova Clinical Specialist to OR staff on the valve collapsing and preparation technique
  4. Proctored surgery
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